1. Wallpapers & Browser wars!

    Design for Screen & Mobile Devices

    In the lesson today, I completed 5 main designs for my wallpapers. I’ve based all the wallpapers around photography, but haven’t yet thought of a theme, or which wallpaper I should pick as my theme, to then create others in a similar way. 

    With this first wallpaper, I added typography on top of one of my photographs of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, in the shape of the bridge itself. The words I added to make up the typography are all in the subject of the bridge. 

    I designed this wallpaper with a “British” theme in mind. It contains one of my photographs of a postbox. I found a royalty free image of a Union flag, and added it on top of the photo layer in Photoshop. I then added a “Darken” effect to the Union flag layer to create this… 

    This could be a part of a “British” theme where I also create more wallpapers with the same design, but changing the photograph to something like a red London bus or an old red telephone box.

    This is a screenshot from when I was creating the above wallpaper.

    Here’s a wallpaper containing a photo of my kitten!

    …and another!

    This is a wallpaper containing my photograph of the architecture/design of Cabot Circus shopping centre.

    Browser wars!

    In the lesson, we also looked at different browsers, and which is best. 

    From research via the w3schools website, I found that Microsoft Internet Explorer was the most used web browser in October 2011. In second place was Firefox, then Chrome, followed by Safari, and then Opera. 

    I also discovered that the best web browser for developers, was Firefox, because you can download an add-on called ‘Firebug’ for it. Smashing Magazine website

    We also used a website called BrowserShots.org to take a look at website browser compatibility. I looked up my Tumblr URL. This is how it looks in a version of Opera… 

    The fonts don’t load correctly!

    Like Opera, in ‘Iceape’, the fonts don’t load correctly, the buttons/links underneath the header are out of place, and the search bar is missing… 

    In Dillo… it looks awful. However, unlike on the ‘Iceape’ browser, it contains a search bar!